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Now to give context, I don't like the gargoyle demon screaming of heavy metal; like anything else, screaming comes in different varieties and qualities. And I think people don't realise the variety there can be found in "harsh" vocals. I don't know of a better way to explain it but that the beat and excitement of the music gets your blood pumping. Tour de Force 0. Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:.

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I think a certain level of emotion can be conveyed through screaming much better than clean vocals.

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Death metal/screamo/emo music sucks

All questions are welcome such as to how to change oil, to how to tie shoes. Screamo is not the only music genre to have drums and guitars play a rhythmic tune. Try to keep repeat posts to a minimum. Just like how a Katy Perry song makes you all giddy and want to prance around in your underwear and suck on a banana, this type of music evokes a different kind of emotion. Tasteless or disturbing questions regarding loli, pedophelia, murder, violence or other sketchy or disgusting subject matter are not welcome here. Screamo is not metal and is a subgenre of the emo brand of punk music. The music has an aspect to it that some metal fans refer to as 'brutality'.

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music screamo suck
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music screamo suck
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