Sex and kissing scenes

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I postponed a surgery for a bleeding ulcer for four months to continue to support my employees without taking a salary myself. It's still highly sensitive lips and all of those other bits. It's still plenty intimate, and you do still need to build up a relationship with your fellow kissee, but it's a very different thing from real-life boy-meets-girl, boy-and-girl-mash-faces kind of kiss. It goes away and I've never acted on those feelings. Even they themselves when they did something like a love scene for first time, would have been uncomfortable.

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To me, where are three issues at stake here:

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Wonderful erotic kissing scene

Yet they still engage in screen kisses, and their spouses still watch them do this. To make sure the audience sees everything, it has to be tightly choreographed, which takes all the spontaneity out of it. Sometimes, it's just in the blood. Or those marriages don't last. I, on the other hand, have directed my own girlfriend in love scenes with other men and, occasionally, with womenand it didn't even occur to either of us that this was anything other than the artistic process at work.

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sex and kissing scenes
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sex and kissing scenes
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