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This procedure was applied to samples collected on Days 33 and 67 for the first set of adapting populations and on Days 53 and 67 for the second set of adapting populations. For example, in asexual populations some cohorts that initially increase in frequency are later driven to extinction Figure 2a—dconsistent with earlier work DOC Click here for additional data file. Therefore, to generate a baseline expectation, we calculated coverage in the same windows for all of the generation-0 and generation population samples. We found one example of a mutation in MET2 which had a strong deleterious effect when introduced into the ancestral genetic background, despite fixing in a sexual population.

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Discussion Previous experiments have shown that sexual groups can adapt faster, thereby providing indirect evidence of a group-level advantage to sex at least in the absence of intrinsic costs [7] — [10][35][36].

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The Evolution of Sex Is Favoured During Adaptation to New Environments

The masterpiece of nature: Genetic slippage in response to sex. These rotifers are facultatively sexual, reproducing amictically at low densities but changing to mictic sexual reproduction in response to a chemical stimulus indicative of high density [44]. The effect of deleterious alleles on adaptation in asexual populations. Differences between selection on sex versus recombination in Red Queen models with diploid hosts. For the first time, we demonstrate that the frequency of sex within a population rises over time during adaptation.

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sex on a adapt action
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sex on a adapt action
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