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And in response to your example: Not only is it too little too late for Akira Toriyama to be introducing a strong female character, but it hurts that this is such a failed attempt because she is the only character who had potential to be an action girl. Before her very eyes, Chichi's boobs expanded in her dress, growing from modest C cups to a pair of huge double F cups! I don't Goku mind though. This could've happened to me! She held her own against Spopovich for quite a while, and he was an abnormally strong human.

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I have to get them done again!

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Sorry to continue on an old thread but I had to say something. It was such an amazing feeling! Now about the sexism not working both ways. I hope you're feeling better. Chi-Chi, to me, seems like one of those obsessive fangirls in shonen that always get the guy even though she and said guy dont have any chemistry which annoys the crap out of me. We'll leave as soon as I'm through.

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