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So much so that it was common to include the blurb "Not a dream! England has a dream at one point where he is forced to play Cloudcuckoolander's Minder to America in Africa, trying to keep him safe from poisonous lizards, snakes, and poisonous plants. An alternative explanation provided for some of these episodes is the insinuation that they were hallucinations brought about by exposure to Joker toxin, Scarecrow's fear gas, etc. Darling coming home from their dinner party to find the children asleep in the nursery as if they had never left even though the Neverland trip seemed longer than just one nightand while Wendy and her parents see what looks like the pirate ship's silhouette in the sky, it's not clear if it really is the ship or just a cloud formation. You are following your soul.

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Keep Working Your Ass Off Because It Takes Time To Reach Your Dreams

It's all about the importance of dreams and fiction. In Zebra Girlapparently all this Zebra Girl stuff is just a dreamSandra is perfectly normal girl and Sam is a cartoon character; and then Sam breaks the fourth wall. He lived around the 3rd century BC. In MirrorMask boy, Neil Gaiman sure loves dreamsHelena figures out pretty early on that the entire Magical Land is all a dream, populated by characters based on people she knows. As it turns out at the end, the "dream" was actually a power of one of thewhose alternate reality powers allowed him to have an eight-year relationship with her in an extremely short time, allowing them to know everything about each other despite only meeting once.

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