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But then don't complain when you don't have anyone to hang out with. Some of my best friends now are college friends of a girl I went to summer camp with. When they ask for your opinion or help on something that means something. It takes time and effort to form meaningful friendships. Some of them are interested in me, but to my knowledge none of them consider it seriously. They'll be most likely to appreciate a friendly invitation. As usual Vincent, you have offered so much wisdom here.

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Furthermore, it features a sturdy metal zipper that unlike other flimsy zippers, is made with the highest quality standards.

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A Friendly Reminder To Those Who Suck at Friendships

But it sounds like, if I may be honest, that you're not being a very good friend - supporting them in new relationships when they spending a lot of time with someone new. I like it this way as it allows me to be more attentive to my friends. I grant that in a very few cases I did, but these were the exceptions. Guilt coursed through my veins as I tried to think of a reasonable explanation on why I did not pick up the phone…. And we always end up arguing about it.

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