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No, I did chuckle at that one joke My great manticore told me that this was my year. Maybe they made it look bigger. But right now, I'm horny, you're half naked It was his happiness for what he did, and this unshakeable confidence that attracted me. I didn't regret letting him take my virginity - in fact, I was still glad that he did.

He grabs at his forehead, wincing.

Love’s Baby Soft, 1974

Very sad, but very true. For reals, he totally had the good boy syndrome growing up with a troubled family, then did the good boy thing of getting engaged to the girl that he had been dating for a few years - and because he wasn't listening to his heart, BAM he ended up here. You don't need to read this. To protect his identity I won't upload it, but I can transcribe it: Now it's back in mine.

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  1. There is one of her doing a strip pole dance at the begining of the vid..... do you have that one?