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In an attempt to escape from the hot bowls, the rats would gnaw their way through the victim's flesh. Bells are sometimes attached to attract attention to the wearer, as are whistles attached to a mouth-piece to make a sound every time the wearer breathed. Remarkable ingenuity has been shown in the invention of instruments and techniques of physical torture. Water cure as a term for a form of torture refers to a method in which the victim is forced to drink large quantities of water in a short time, resulting in gastric distension, "water intoxication", and possibly death. While traitors in England were hanged, drawn and quartered, in France they were usually torn limb from limb.

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This almost always resulted in death.

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List of methods of torture

Branks were also used in England, where it may not have been formally legalised as a punishment. It continued in use until Between andofficial records show that 53 men and women were executed by the Halifax Gibbet. One of the Inquisition staff was commanded to set it in motion, and when the figure extended its arms, as though to press someone most lovingly to its heart, a Polish grenadier was ordered to substitute his well-filled knapsack for an imaginary victim. Due to its cost efficiency and cruelty, the exposure torture was very widespread in medieval Europe. The second variation is similar to the first, but a series of drops is added, meaning that the victim is allowed to drop until his or her fall is suddenly checked by the rope.

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middle ages torture devices naked woman
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middle ages torture devices naked woman
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