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Shu and the others first encountered her in a restaurant as a waitress where she was being harrassed by two customers that Shu and Zola fended off. She's deeply in love with Guru-Guru and wishes for him to return to the village. Has a tendency to always shout and is madly in love with Zola. Whether this likeness for machines was brought on by a former parent's career choice or job is unknown. It can be jarring to hear when you've gotten used to never hearing your character say anything beforehand. A fringe, or bangs, hangs in a somewhat arc shape in front of her right eye, often mistaken for hanging in front of her left eye. Shu and Jiro confront her, asking her to choose who she likes more to which she responds, "Can you guys wait until my uh, my next birthday?

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However in episode 9, the two sorta clashed over Shu; starting a love triangle.

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Like all Servant Robos, he is dedicated to the Master, and is also designated by a number. Season 2 Kluke is a lot more calmer than season 1. Kluke is a very mature person beyond her age. Their relationship isn't close. Bouquet is one of the main characters in the Blue Dragon universe. Kluke has become more maternal and loving, much like her Shadow. Contents [ show ].

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