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It is true, the rare delicacy of their physical appearance sets them apart, and everyone knows how much it costs to be different in this world… these young girls take refuge in dreams which they have wished me to bring into reality. If you are on a beach and you notice a face, or a body, that stands out from the crowd, the sight of which makes your heart leap in your breast, then stop. Nonetheless, in preparing for this post—and as has happened with many other artists—I gained a new respect and appreciation for the artist. These young nymphs who fascinate me, often shun the avid gaze of the public which reflects an awareness of the beauty that they themselves are trying to ignore. They did see many attractive girls there but they did not dare to approach them, particularly since neither of them could speak French. What I found also troubling is the statement by another of his models that he used her and other models to recruit other young women. David Hamilton — from Holiday Snapshots

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David Hamilton

It isn't dishonest at all to "muddle them together" if the way the rapist got access to their rape victims was via their photography work and reputation as a stand-up photographer. Looking at her, I could see the great beauty she would one day become. Instead I read 'Ew'. You must take the picture immediately. The second chapter of his life, from the age of twelve to eighteen, was dominated by a passion for cycling. The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and clarifications column, Tuesday July 12 His stubbornness about artistic choices, perhaps taken as arrogance, created sufficient resentment to get him dismissed in

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  1. did he tell her to "shut up and stop asking questions" at the beginning? wow