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Snake Eater Sokolov — though not an Emmerich, but still kind of a stand-in since he is resident scientist of the story — wets himself when Ocelot decides to play Russian Roulette with him while juggling three pistols. In Monstrous Regimentjust before Corporal Strappi runs away. That means, by the time we see something, we've already passed through it. I think I'm learning a lesson about hubris. Click here for a complete list of all King's literary works!

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Evil and darkness have fallen this night.

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In Metal Gear Solid 3: He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. At one point, he even recites a haiku in which he mentions that he soiled himself and feels shame for doing so. Happens several times to Phanpy and others in Latias' Journey. But it's not raining, and he's standing in a puddle.

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