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Safety - Chapter Seven. Keira reached up and stroked his face "I always imagined the first time you told me you loved me we'd be in my room and I always imagined the first time we made love we'd be in my room " She grinned wickedly and started unbuttoning his shirt "And we are in my room" she finished kissing his chest. The racing zoomers sat forgotten, some clearly mid-assembly. Keira shook her head "Vin says there in the archive in the palace Daxter snoozed atop him.

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With a long groan, he shivered and clutched his best friend's tail.

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Jak And Daxter Keira Naked

The ottsel in question meandered downstairs a few minutes later. She guided their legs and tails to interweave. Someone else deserved to know even before Samos. Your review has been posted. Jak quickly made his way over to her and kissed her hungrily, he pushed her back so he was led above her, his body pressing her into the matress, he pulled away and looked down at her "I love you too Keira, more than anything in the world" he breathed brushing his lips to hers. He shambled to the bar, clambered onto a stool, and dumped some cereal into Jak's recently-emptied bowl.

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keira from jak and daxter naked
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